Instructions for use Flekosteel

The effect of natural gel Flekosteel it was Max, use him according to the instructions. He goes, packaging, pharmaceutical, and detailed how is a product that is used.

instructions for use Flekosteel

Apply a small amount of the gel clean and dry skin.

This item has smooth movements, rub the sore spot worth to avoid too much discomfort.

Use gel against joint pain and back pain Flekosteel twice a day. Use morning and evening. Then it is recommended that you prepare suck and save about an hour for gel to give peace starts to move. If you have an opportunity, wrap in a towel to increase the sore spot min. the warming effect.

You will feel the effect already after the first application, the pain passes, returns joint mobility and regenerative processes begin.

For fast recovery, Daily add a slight warming. Ten-fifteen minutes a day will be enough for overclocking loosen up the muscles and stagnant blood.


  • Inflammation, edema and anti – inflammatory gel components quickly inflammation and edema to be removed will be drawn.
  • Bruises, bruises, sprains – Flekosteel improves blood circulation and encourage people to healing.
  • Injury, and bond Nov – the renewal of Natural Medicine launched damaged tissue, allowing for quick re-have full mobility.
  • Hyperbolicity Nov – relaxes tense muscles, and blood scattered throughout the vehicle, you're done, cramping and discomfort.
  • Low back pain, arthritis, arthrosis, sciatica – piercing cell structures gel cleans and repairs ruined cartilage and joint inflammation joints.


Gel Flekosteel to apply as a treatment age-related diseases so and at a very young age. Sports injuries, or joints due to the load the work on the nature of the gel helps in all cases, ligament damage and pain Nov, joints and spine. A natural composition does not cause tools allergies, patient should be used to all the people that Romania is so good joint pain and back pain. The only contraindication will be the components of creation, is extremely rare.